Last day in Edinburgh

Publicerad 23.05.2014 kl. 13:57

After Arthur's Seat, I walked around town for a bit. 

Cheese and lemonade. And haggis, of course.

Found Cockburn Street, another beautiful place Hille had mentioned. 

Cute little shops with wonderful things inside. Would love to work in one like this!

All great things in one window!

Kilts, Maggie Dickson's Whisky and Ale house (Miss Dickson presumably came back to life after being executed), and Edinburgh Castle in the distance. 

And that was all. Thank you, Edinburgh! Next we went to the sweet little town of Durham, and I have some pictures from there aswell. Will put them up later on. Today I'm going to London with my sister! Yaaay!

(click on the pictures to see them in full size)
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