A stroll around town, Greyfriars Kirkyard and Edinburgh at night

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On Saturday I slept late because party, but then I went out into the sun. 

Greyfriar's Bobby was a terrier owned by John Grey, who worked at the graveyard. According to the story, when Grey died, Bobby sat on his grave for fourteen years until he himself died in 1872. People first tried to evict him from the graveyard, but finally let him stay and brought him food and shelter.

Bobby's own grave. People had put down sticks instead of flowers <3 <3 <3 I left one aswell.

Such a calm and beautiful place, with headstones from many centuries ago.

Edinburgh is a really beautiful town.

The headstone that is said to have been the inspiration to Tom Riddle Sr., Voldemort's father, in the Harry Potter-books. Can be true since J. K. Rowling did live here while writing at least the first book.

So naturally, I needed to see the Elephant House, or the "Birthplace of Harry Potter", as they have printed in fugly letters on the window. Didn't go inside because it was crowded, but here J. K. Rowling sat and wrote a lot of the books. But didn't Rowling come up with the story on a train ride between London and Manchester? Oh well, maybe they couldn't fit "The place where J. K. Rowling wrote a lot of her best-selling books about Harry Potter" on the window.

Cakes, art and a wigs.

After I had a burger I went back to the hostel and took a nap because super tired from last night. Woke up in time to watch Eurovision on my phone! After about fifteen songs I got so nervous I had to go out for a walk. I took my phone with me and listened while walking in the Edinburgh sunset. Gotta love 3G.



Found the beautiful Cockburn Street that Hille had told me about. But at this point it was already getting really dark and it was almost time for the voting ceremony, so I just had to hurry back to the hostel, lie down in bed and keep my thumbs up for Austria.

And then I cried so hard of happiness for about two hours.
<3 Conchita <3

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Nämen ooooooo va gullit med terriern. snyft!! Du ser ut att haft en härlig resa :) kram!
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