Dublin in black and white

31.03.2014 kl. 16:35

"The National Museum of Ireland - Natural History apologises for the appearance of this rhino. The horns have been removed due to the risk of theft. This is a growing problem in museums as rhino horn is poached in the wild and stolen from museums and private collections in order to be soled illegally for its supposed medicinal properties. Any supposed medicinal value has been scientifically disproven. Rhino horn is the same material as hair and fingernail and of no medicinal value.

This rhino will be fitted with replica horns and will soon return to its normal appearance."

Molly Malone and James Joyce. 
And that's all for Dublin, for this time. Maybe we'll meet again.

(click on images to see them in larger scale)

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Helt jätte fina bilder julia :)
vanessa09.04.14 kl. 18:08
åh tack så mycket!
09.04.14 18:42

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