In London, 25.1.

Now I'm in Nottingham. So much stress and so much to do - last night I slept under a curtain and my jacket cause I hadn't gotten to buying a duvet yet. But today I bought a duvet and pillows from Wilco and it was so cheap! To think I almost bought it yesteday for £22... now I just had to pay £8 for a double duvet! So glad I waited.

Otherwise the prices are pretty much the same here as in Finland and Sweden, but I'm not that surprised. Beer in pubs is of coure a lot cheaper, and quorn-products as well. I've had to use so much money these couple of days, for things you just have to have (like an adapter for example), but now I should have pretty much everything I need. Excited to start my term here at the University of Nottingham!

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26-year-old exchange student 
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I love books, tea,
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