Second week

View from my window yesterday night.

Wow, time both flies and doesn't at the same time! I know that in June I will probably be all like "Hey, I just got here!" (trying NOT to think about that now though), but somehow it feels like I've been here longer than just two weeks. SO MUCH has happened and it's been amazing.

I've become good friends with a cool girl from the Netherlands. She's also in the Quidditch Society and a Gryffindor like me. Today we went to the Graduate Bar just a couple minutes from my place and had a full English breakfast. It was delicious! The other day we went to town and I bought soccer shoes (or as I call them, quidditch shoes), socks (red and yellow of course) and shorts, among other stuff. So now I can really start feeling like a true quidditch player!

The other day I bought a trip to Edinburgh. It's organized by the accomodation office and price included transportation, accomodation, three meals and sightseeing. Can't wait, I've wanted to visit Edinburgh for a long time now. 

Today I'm pretty much going to read books and take it easy, been a couple of tired days. But tomorrow (if the weather permits us) it's quidditch time again! Yay!

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First Week

University Park

Week one has come to an end. Feels like so much longer, in a way! So much has happened, so many new places and people and impressions. I joined seven societies at the Refreshers Fair - Quidditch, Yoga, Chess, Board Gaming, LGBT-network, Women's Society and Travel Society. Thinking about joining Creative Writing aswell. I played a couple of games at Boardgaming on Tuesday, that was fun, and on Wednesday I sucked at Quidditch. Well, it was not completely worthless, but I was definitely a better chaser than keeper. Today I was supposed to go play Quidditch again and then do some boardgaming, but I have a headache and some schoolwork to do so I'll stay home instead. Really should clean up in my room and go buy groceries at some point also...

Two things that annoy me are 1) Raleigh Park, which is where I live, is quite far from school and the city. It would take me 30 minutes to walk to both, which is not totally bad, but not fun in the rain or at 8 in the morning. There is a free bus that runs at weekdays and Saturdays, but it goes only to school and back and not to the city (plus the bus-stop for that one is further away than the regular busstops). So I've decided to buy a buscard that can get me both to school and to the city. It's not cheap, but affordable. It will reduce some of my stress anyway. 2) Our kitchen. I don't know if someone burned something while cooking or if the fan isn't working, but the heat - I can't stand it! It smells and it's warm and I have no desire what so ever to cook. I haven't actually cooked anything in a week, I've eat salads and sandwiches and fruit and take-out instead. Somehow I always find it hard to start the cooking process in new places.

Well, that pretty much sums up week one. Here's to another great week in the land of dreaming!

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Great Hall

"It was hard to believe there was a ceiling there at all, and that the Great Hall didn't simply open on to the heavens."

- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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My English Rose

University Park
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These days

Hallward Library

Trent Building

Rainy day Quidditch practice! Gryffindor (my team) lost spectacularly.
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