Some Dublin and some Cliffs of Moher

I went to Dublin, yay! My kind mother lent me some money so I could go on Travelholic's exclusive St Patrick's Day trip to Irelands capital, where I'd never been before.

River Liffey

On Sunday (March 16th) we took the bus to Cliffs of Moher. This is a cute house on the way.

And some river.

Signs with the English and Irish names. Irish is such a beautiful and weird language.

Then we finally arrived. And oh. My goodness. The view was breathtaking. And the fact that one of Voldemort's horcruxes used to lie between these cliffs... magical.

I just can't stop admiring and fearing the sea at the same time.

O'Brien's Tower.

Hi there.

This picture is taken at the other side, where there were no railings or whatever. They even had a sign with a telephone number to Samaritans, in case you were thinking of jumping. Sadly, my camera died just after this photo was taken, and I took a lot of photos with my phone - but they disappeared after my phone decided to format itself. I took a picture with my foot right at the edge of the cliff (sorry, mom), and believe me, you would not want to fall down from here. 

However, I managed to put this picture up on Instagram before they all disappeared, so here you get some idea of the view up there. Simply amazing. Nature - bringing it since forever.

Next up - pictures from St Patrick's day and Guinness Storehouses!

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A Saturday in Whitby

A little over a week ago I went on my first trip with the Travel Society: to a little seaside town in Scarborough borough called Whitby, famous for breath-taking viewvs and amazing fish and chips.

It looked like this.

And like this.

I walked the 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey and St. Mary's Church graveyard, which was used as a setting in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula

Whitby Abbey.

The view was indeed amazing and very Dracula-esque. Spot the ancient church in the middle!

I met these two.

And looked at some more views walking down.

Strolled through town and looked at cute little shops.

And extremely narrow alleys.

Visited this very tourist-y place for £3.

Which served as a home for this lost soul, among others.

Then I got hungry. I had asked my busdriver about where to go for a really good fish and chips, and he told me the Magpie Café is a safe bet. He wasn't wrong - the queue was about five meters long outside the café! I waited for fifteen-twenty minutes and then, because I was alone, was asked by one of the staff to move ahead and come inside. I felt a bit embarassed to walk past all those people who had been queuing longer than me, but what can you do.

Haddock fish and chips (my first ever!), with tartar sauce and mushy peas (far right in the picture). Amazingly good and surprisingly fresh.

Whitby Abbey, far in the distance.

And then it was time to go back to the bus and sleep all the way to Nottingham. Thank you, Whitby!

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Third Week

The Flight, Portland Steps

The Moon, University Campus

Another week gone! Feels like I've been here longer still, so much happens all the time. But time flies differently now that there is some routine. This week has been a bit slower (and I've been more tired) than the previous weeks. No Quidditch this Wednesday either due to bad weather, which is sad. But on Board Gaming on Tuesday I won a bottle of wine playing a game invented by one of the members! That was nice, I usually do not win stuff. 

My Valentine's Day was not the best day in the beginning, but it improved remarkably later on. First I went to school one hour too early by mistake. I was so tired when I woke up, and when I realized I could have slept one hour longer if I hadn't messed up the time, I got a bit frustrated. Then I had a seminar which culminated in me having a minor breakdown due to some triggering words from a classmate (without thinking, he said "kill yourself" to me after I expressed my not too warm feelings about Star Wars). I know he was not serious of course, but it was still not a nice thing to say to someone you don't know. People these days.

After this I went home and had a nap for like an hour, then me and Marijn met up to take the bus to University. Well, the bus we were going to take didn't run anymore so we had to walk for a bit in wind and rain and we were very nearly late. But, all went well in the end and then it was time for Laser Quest! Yay! Three games, 20 minutes each. I had never played before and was completely lousy in my first game, had no idea of what to do. Ended up with negative points (-400). In the two following games I got the gist however and ended up with something between 1500 and 2000 points. Not too bad (unless you count the fact that good players get over 20 000 points). After this we went to Wetherspoons and I ate a delicious all day veggie brunch and drank a pitcher of Mojito with not enough mint, but it was still quite good. Ultimately it was a nice Friday. 

This weekend is all about reading and taking it easy as usual. Next Saturday I will be going up to Whitby, a seaside town near Scarborough, with the Travel Society. That should be fun!

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Most days are rain, one day was sunny

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