Outside Nottingham Castle
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Cute friend near where I live.
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Natural History Museum

The morning of the last day in Dublin I went here! I was going to walk around in Dublin an see some other things aswell, but then I got period cramps and just got a chai latte and went to the bus back to Nottingham. 

Now will follow pictures of animals and butterflies.

Best moth-name ever.

Once I woke up with one of these walking along my cheek. I panicked, yelled for my sister to come in and kill it, which she did. Quite a way to wake up.

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Guinness Storehouses

Next stop in Dublin was the Guinness Storehouses! 

Located in a very high building next to/inside the factory where the famous dark beer is made.

Lots of free samplers and tasty tasty Guinness-bread with salmon! They had a recipe for the bread aswell, so I'm definitely baking some this summer! Tasted like Malaxlimpa with a hint of dark beer-flavor, awesome. 

View over Dublin.

I enjoyed my free pint of Guinness at the Gravity bar on the top floor.

There was a photographer doing an article or something on St Patrick's Day and the Storehouses, and he borrowed my pint to take a photo of these guys. Then he told me my picture was better than his, haha.

Now follows some picture from inside the exhibition.


Next will be a few photos from the last day, and there will be lots of butterflies. 

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St Patrick's Day

Monday was St Patrick's Day! Which is basically like New Years Eve, Midsummer or 30th of April in Finland - a day only ment for drinking. And I'm sorry if I sound totally boring but I don't really enjoy those kinds of "holidays". And I don't think Saint Patrick would, either. So I didn't party at all, which was totally fine by me. But I did go to town and took these photos. The streets were crowded with people (mostly drunk), garbage and empty beer cans. 

Some people played music, and others listened. 

People drank beer - mostly Guinness.

And were happy, like these fellows!

There was face-painting (next to the James Joyce-statue).

Most shops sold a lot of cheap crap. Sorry but I just don't see the point in buying something you will use only one day of the year. I bought this and I can use it everyday!

The horse had a tiny hat! I felt so sorry for these horses, they were all over town. I don't know if I'm just imagining it but they just looked so sad. 

Someone matched their shoes and socks (and legs, with some imagination) with the Irish flag.

And someone was dressed as an elephant?

These girls had amazing outfits. So fierce!

It was a long walk to the Guinness Storehouses so there was a lot to look at.

Did a very short visit to Dublin castle.

Dublin castle, upper yard.

And then it was time for some Guinness!

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